Kitchen Benchtop: Will You Go for Laminate or Stone Material?

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Kitchen Benchtop Materials

Kitchen Benchtop Materials

When you’re building a new kitchen or renovating your existing kitchen, choosing the right benchtop material is very important after all its the most used space in the kitchen wherein you prepare meals and wash vegetables, poultry, fruits, and utensils. And because kitchen benchtop is being used day in and day out, it should be practical and aesthetically appealing for many years. The two major choices you get in kitchen benchtops to suit the different budget segments are:

  • Laminate – For those having a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on the functionality and looks.
  • Stone – For those who want classy edges and clear lines and don’t mind spending more to get it.

Let’s uncover the unique features of both kitchen benchtop materials:


Laminate Kitchen Benchtops


Laminate Kitchen Benchtop Melbourne
Laminate Benchtop


Laminate kitchen benchtops in Melbourne are considered to be an extremely affordable choice available in an array of textures, patterns and colours to choose from. With laminate benchtops, your choice is endless, as you’ll get the colour and texture you’re after.


  • It is not only easy to clean and maintain but also it’s resistant to surface wear, staining and boiling water.
  • Do you want the look of wood finish or stone at an affordable price point? Well, laminate can provide that.
  • Moreover, laminate is not made from plastic, but its parts come from layers of paper.
  • Laminate can handle daily wear and tear effortlessly.


Laminate Benchtop Materials & Edges:


Some very elegant and durable laminate materials available in Melbourne include Laminex, Formica, Duropal and Wilsonart. Besides, laminate benchtops come in various edge profiles including square and traditional profiles. In square profiles, you’ll get a square edge, timber edge, as well as, quadra edge and square form. And in traditional profiles, you’ll get a round-edge, classic profile and tight form.



Stone Kitchen Benchtops


Stone Benchtops Melbourne
Stone Benchtops


Stone is known for its sophistication and durability, and because it’s a plush product, it’s a pricier option when compared with cheaper laminate. With its smooth edges and clear lines, stone benchtops are a visual delight and instantly adds value to any kitchen space. Every stone benchtop is a distinctive piece. Besides, no two rocks are identical in their formations and appearances, the same applies to stone benchtops (i.e. every piece is unique). Stone has a tactile attraction – move your hands on the stone’s surface and sense its cooling effect and its smoothness speaks for itself. It is the perfect choice for those who want a distinctive and graceful ambience for their home.


Stone being a porous material, you don’t have to worry about maintaining it. Its stain-resistant, so if you spill turmeric, tea, coffee or red wine, wipe clean it with a moist cloth and it’s clean. With some easy ongoing maintenance, you can keep it looking great for many years to come.


Stone Benchtop Materials & Edges


Caesarstone and Essastone provide classy and very durable man made-engineered quartz stone benchtops in Melbourne. Besides, granite and marble are the other durable stone benchtop materials that you can buy in Melbourne. Edge profiles you can choose for stone benchtops include pencil round top, pencil round top & bottom and aris.


Summing Up


  • Laminate is an affordable choice and you can get it with wood or stone finish, as well as, in many different textures and colour choices. Laminate benchtops offer value for your money.
  • Stone feels and looks incredible, and will add sophistication to your home kitchen. Granite and man made-engineered quartz stone benchtops are very durable and robust, so you won’t have to worry for many years. And if you take good care of them, it can last for a lifetime.


Final Words


When building or renovating your existing kitchen, you should invest some time to think about what functionality, convenience and looks you want to achieve for your home kitchen, and what budget you can afford. Accordingly, you’ll be able to choose a durable and aesthetically beautiful kitchen benchtop that will serve you for many years to come.


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