Kitchen Splashback Ideas for Modern Kitchen

Published on by Jilli Smith

Kitchen Splashback Ideas for Modern Kitchen

Splashbacks are no longer an afterthought! They have moved beyond their traditional functional purpose and are now a key element of the kitchen’s design.

Stones and subway tiles are a passé! Glass kitchen splashback designs are fast emerging as a popular choice for their versatile and polished high-end finish. No wonder, they are most likely to rule the kitchen design trends in the year ahead.

Splashback Ideas

If you are looking for some fabulous ideas that feature more elaborate designs, materials and textures, we have the latest kitchen splashback ideas for you right here.

1.    Painted Glass

A perfect example of how a splashback can take your kitchen to the next level and steal the show. Painted glass splashbacks give character, style and personality for a contemporary classic look. Affordable and durable, glass splashbacks are customisable and available in a variety of colours. Extremely durable and heat resistant, glass splashbacks are more hygienic, attractive and easier to clean than traditional tiles.


2.    Translucent Glass

There’s no denying that it can be a great style statement for your kitchen. Choosing shades of grey or bright colours like green accentuates your modern kitchen for a modern aesthetic look. Sleek, elegant and easy to clean, frosted kitchen wall panels splashbacks are a great way to give your kitchen’s aesthetics an updated look.

3.    Go Minimally Minimalistic with large glass panels

Installing large black painted kitchen splashback panels over the entire kitchen wall can work wonders for your kitchen. Leading companies like Deco Glaze that specialise in glass splashbacks offer affordable options in customised glass splashbacks and even come to your house to professionally install it.

4.    Printed Glass

Digitally printed kitchen glass splashbacks add personality to your kitchen and make it stand out. These are customisable and either uses your own images or you can choose any painting, landscape or images to create a cosy feeling and an outstanding statement.

5.    Mirror Glass Splashback

Do you have a small kitchen? Mirror walls add a much-needed dimension to enhance the look of your kitchen. That’s not all! They also enhance the use of natural light which elevates your kitchen.

6.    Two-Tone Kitchen Splashback

Created using two colours in a two-step vinyl process, this stunning splashback design option adds depth and colour to any kitchen. Looking for a contemporary classic theme for your kitchen that is high on aesthetics and functionality too? You can never go wrong with a two-tone glass kitchen splashback.

7.    Bright Colourful Glass Splashback

Elevate your kitchen with an eclectic combination of colours and styles to create a show stopper. Bright yellow, blue, pink, orange, green or even a black kitchen splashback, these add vibrancy to your kitchen space. A gorgeous way to add colours to your kitchen.

Looking for more exciting ideas in residential or commercial kitchen splashbacks for this year? DecoGlaze -Australia’s leader in the glass splashback industry helps you to find latest collection of affordable and cheap kitchen splashbacks.

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